My name is Hala Zakaria, Vice President of The Syndicate of Nurseries owners in Lebanon and owner operator of Panda Playschool since 1996 as well as Panda Park since 2009.

I am a SABIS graduate who had the honor to help in some of their alumni social committee activities . I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from The American University of Beirut then continued my own educational journey attending worldwide workshops in Early Childhood Education.

However, I have had the privilege to support young children’s learning for over 25 years.
My experience in early childhood education began when I was still a child myself where I used to tutor my own classmates.

Then as a teenager I started babysitting a 3 years old girl. Moreover, I have worked with the Lebanese Association for mentally handicapped children for two years where I was responsible for the special class at the American community school in which I stayed for 11 years after that teaching the preschool classes and tutoring kindergarten students.

Teaching is my passion and for that I have been and will keep on conducting many workshops for educators, administrators as well as parents since I believe that In order to help children accomplish the most from their learning, it is important to form relationships with all members of the child’s educational team including parents, teachers and administrators.

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